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Case study

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The Birth 10000 Movie

The Birth 10,000 BC is a Kannada movie starring Pratap Raana in a prominent role. It is a drama directed by Dr. Vikram with Judah Sandhy as a musician, forming part of the crew.
The Challenge The Birth 10000 BC released its trailer in English, but due to Kannada’s prominent movie, they got less than 1000 views. The team was facing the problem of proper social media awareness and want their trailer to get reach of 1Million+.
The Solution Marque Berry selected a 100Million follower base of Meme Pages and 2 Bollywood celebrity Influencers – (Viral bhayani) for promoting the trailer and create Hype among the Audience.
The Result Proper Planning and Content strategy proved the Increased Movie trailer views from 1000 to 2M. The Trailer of the movie continues to form impressions in the audience’s considering the views of the trailer getting increased day by day Link of the trailer-
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