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Case study

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Online Live Learning

Online Live Learning (OLL) is an online marketplace for passionate teachers and aspiring learners. Connecting tomorrow’s leaders with the best of Today’s instructors. On the verge of becoming the largest Learning¬†Institute in the world, OLL is providing the works
The Challenge The Online Live Learning portal is primarily focused on working professionals, where-in they want to draw in the most needed and urgent impact of quality education, but the platform lacked proper engagement and awareness among their target audience.
The Solution Marque Berry’s group was at service from the very beginning and mind mapped the problem of the mission. OLL was worried about expanding reach among their intended interest group and subsequently the Instagram pages they ought to pick. Marque Berry provided them with accurate categories of pages so that reach is precise and to the point. The different number of pages to be hit so that the follower base is not repetitive and the reach gets folded twice or thrice was an important input by us.
The Result Online Live Learning got a Reach of 12 Million on day 1, followed by a reach of 30 Million in 5 Days. with story views = 608931. Swipe up on website link through post were 5000+. The campaign was hit because rather than just promoting the brand, Marque Berry spread awareness about the benefits of the company to the target audience.
Online Live Learning
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