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Yocket is the largest online platform for aspirants planning to study abroad. Every day thousands of students use Yocket to discover courses at international universities, get help applying to them or connect with university officials and alumni.
The Challenge   Yocket is an educational brand primarily focused on working professionals, where-in they want to draw in the most needed and urgent impact of quality content leveraging the power of Memes.
The Solution Our Creative team Mind mapped the amazing strategy and created a Meme page with engaging Meme content. Memes of pages were around education and focused on students preparing for GRE, IELTS, and the students who want to study abroad.  We also utilized a social media advertising strategy that included promoted posts on the Instagram news feed as well as “dark advertising” — content that feels similar to what would normally appear in a news feed, but that has been specially crafted to appeal to specific audience segments and is used in highly targeted Instagram ads.
The Result Meme Page has grown subsequently with followers majority of the category that Yocket wants to Target. Page name can not be disclosed due to privacy policy issues. Now, the page has an organic engagement rate of 4.5% and  58% of engagement was made by users 20 years or older. In contrast, 59% of in-feed promoted post engagers were  32 years and below.
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