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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is a Creator?

A: Our creators are passionate, dedicated, and extraordinarily creative human beings. They believe in the concept of communities, and the art of listening and understanding what the audience wants.

Q: Who are the Brands?

A: Marque Berry is open to all brands, and those that represent them, including PR, Media, Advertising or Creative Agencies.

Q: What does Marquelancer Profile Insight Contain?

A: You can view an influencer’s summary by clicking on a result from the search. When click a search result to view these stats, it is counted as 1 profile summary towards your monthly total.Profile summary includes details such as:

Q: How Brands Finds Marquelancer On Marque Berry?

A: Brands on routine conduct over 1000’s of searches on Marque berry everyday for their campaign. We have a recommendation engine which awards you a score based on your abilities to create content and influence. In order to come up in a Brand search, you have to keep your profile updated on Marque berry.

Q: How Often Is My Creator Rating Updated?

A: Your Creator rating is refreshed every 24 hours.

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